Bus Routes

Twin Valley Elementary/ Middle

33 Long, Jeanie - Rt. 460; Rt. 618, 7 Mile Branch, Shortt Gap, John Clifton Hollow, TVEMS

48 Thomas, Doug - REMS, Grundy Baptist, Grundy High School, Enoch’s Br., Hobbs Br.,

Upper Mill Br., JM Bevins, Hale Creek, TVHS, TVEMS

54 Burniston, Tom – Rt. 626, Kennel Branch, Rt. 460 to Webb Branch, Carter Cat, Keen Mtn Camp,


57 Rowe, Kathleen – Brown Mtn., Chicken Ridge, Hill Top Rd., White’s Bottom, Spruce Pine,


58 Street, Carolyn - Rt. 660 Long Br. Rd. to Garden Creek Road, Berry Hollow, Rosen Camp Rd.,

Long Branch Rd., Garden Creek, Breeden Br., TVEMS

70 Stevens, Chad - Contrary Creek Rd., Clifton Fork Rd., Mann Branch, Ratliff Branch, TVHS

Twin Valley High

3 Fuller, Patty – Dismal River Rd., Rt. 641 Patterson Road, TVEMS; TVHS

7 Justus, Samantha - Gum Branch, Ballenger Road, Page, Old Vandyke Hollow, Garden Creek,


23 Mitchell, Omega - Jewell Valley Rd., Pea Patch Rd., Wimmer Gap Rd., Family Circle, TVHS

51 Maxwell, Shelby - Loggy Bottom Rd., Compton Mtn., Harry’s Branch, Horn Mtn. Rd., TVHS

209 Mullins, Delma - Big Branch Rd., Keen Mtn., TVEMS, TVHS


Twin Valley Elementary/Middle School faculty believes all children are unique and capable of learning. The role of the staff is to provide an educational environment that will foster success and allow each child to reach his/her highest potential. This mission can be accomplished through a dedicated, collaborative effort on the part of the school, parents, and the community.

Constitution Night

Reading Night

Twin Valley Elementary

Sponsored by:  Boys and Girls Club, 21st Century and Title I

October 19th, Thursday from 4:00 to 6:00

The Buchanan County Public Library will be here reading stories with activities.  They will also have a backdrop for pictures (each parent can take their own).

** Other Stories and Crafts**

Face Painting

**Costume Parade **

Students can wear costumes but must adhere to guidelines for school (no masks or look alike weapons).